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Queens & King Bed of Beds

A man walked into my shed, with stack of timber that he had saved from a bridge at Saint Albans - and a vision. Taking his thoughts, and applying my talent, I designed and built this bed. He was so impressed, he rang me each day to tell me how good it was. He then ordered another. Strong four bollards and hand holes, this is a bed made to love in....

_the_right_side_of_the_Wombat_bbq.jpg left_side_wombat.jpg wombat_front_on_redy_to_leave.jpg wombat_back_endg.jpg
The Big Wombat bbq

It was Kulnura where I meet Russel,
He walked in with this big Smile and said what could you do for me Mate.
I am building a new house with a big patio and I need a bbq I showed him this steel tank and said, I could make it into a Wombat bbq for you, he beamed with delight, mate this would be the biggest mother Wombat you ever sure.
He laughed his big chuckle that seems to touch him somewhere down deep, I was moving at the time and said lets kept in touch.
Russel and Dad visited me one afternoon at the Halfway Roadhouse I was cooking sausage and as I was cooking on the bbq he said would this be anything like the Wombat bbq. I said know for I would have a grill built into the plate.
This was a sculpture that requited much thought, as to shape and at the sometime functional to cook and easily cleaned.
Making any shape is hard in steel, and starting is even harder, for if you donít start right you have to scape it, Starting again KIILLS the inner trust when you have only one steel tank, this is to be avoided somehow ever piece I cut out fitted, and as I work though the job all the answers came like a master, as this is what I am good at,
I know itís in me to perceive the thought to create the shape and make the peace a hole.
When I had finished I felt satisfaction I felt that I had built myself and now wished it was mine to keep but it was a job,
I delayed the delivery till after Xmas New Year and I showed many people the Big Wombat bbq.
The day did come that we would part like this is how we move though life being a Arties is sometime hard for harder the job the more you put in to making it, and harder to late go,
I load her on the trailer and took threes photo she had never been used she was.
The Master piece.
I was meeting Russel at the Wollombi pub, Will when I did arrive the beaming smile that Russel had said a million words.
He just had to take a photo I thought it yours Mate, The pub turn out, for a look and we drink beer till nearly night fall.
I was feeling good as we head to Russel place, His place is called Wombat Farm We had our fun in getting her on to his Veranda, but all went will and we fired her up.
I drink more Beer and thought what a piece what a place she has a good home and Russel will look after her, she the Mascot, Wombat Farm.

rickshaw_Bbq.jpg stump_bow_of_rickshaw_Bbq.jpg fire_place_and_oven.jpg
Rickshaw Bbq

Rickshaw bbq
I was found one day in my workshop, this lady said, I have been told that you are a man that can make anything, and on my veranda I have a big stump, and I wish to have a bbq and pizza oven build to strut. It was great change, as you can see by the photos. It was made from gas cans, tuck wheel ream, a forty four steel base and a air bottle, two tuck mud grades a plougher arm and a s/s keg and pipes, much sweet and thought and of course Love for if you donít love your work, it wont work out in the first place, fitting it on the stump is another story. Thank you

Ned_with_vicer_letter_Box.jpg Helment_paper_pipeholder.jpg Ned_kelly_stand_alone.jpg
Helmet and Ned Kelly letterbox's

Helmet letterboxes
This is a letterbox comes with a effects, it first started out in life as a gas bottle made from finest steel and galvanized till it got retired, Itís use by date cost more for labour to test then to by a new one. I Dave Thurston have been recycling items and adding workmanship and imagination to my work most of my life and I started using gas bottle because most of the bigger scarp yard are closed to the public by Gov, work cover shame shame.
This letterbox is indestructible just set it in concrete, and for get, Good looking stylish stands out from the rest. Helmet letterboxís are waterproof in all wethers, with sun visor on the front and steel lip over the opening door on the back with a lockable catch, just add padlock.
The Helmet letterboxes are weld with stainless steel wilding rods, to last a lifetime. Spray painted with hammer finish inside and out, can repaint ever five year with a spray can take you five minutes.
I have been thinking about this new idea of mine I need to get the Helmet letterbox to Everone how wishes to buy and join the line of made in Australia out of recycle items.
The helmet Letterbox can fit in to a box and be shipped anywhere in Australia by courier mail service for around $50 on order I will email you a quote.

Mirror Mirror River Red Gum

Mirror Mirror on the wall how the fears of them all the mirror this timber came from Hay River Red Gum The owner John a ledges that the Cobden Co horse stationed there horse in the yards. The railing is so old to work with like stone the finish is something else

Bender on the town

Hello David,

Yes you may use any and or all of the photo's I sent you,
however I will ask you not to mention my name or address ( other than
No.9 )

I can report that the postman, on the Monday morning after I put him up
spent 10 minutes checking it out. Obviously he had never seen such a
wonderful work of art.

My neihgbours all love bender and one neighbour who is home most days
all day, tells me that the ammount of people, walkers mainly with
either dogs or kids in tow has trippled up our little culdesack, and
all stop to look at bender.

You can see from the photo's that I added a hip flask, and, that is a
painted ping pong ball atop his antenai.

Also and this is a big plus. I had 95mm rain last Friday and the mail
was sitting in the collender, bone dry.

I will leave the padlock on as most admirer's want to touch, and I am
sure would want to open his tummy and look in. I feel it better that
strangers don't look at my mail.

Any how, yes I am very happy with bender.

Dave_Thurston_&_Bender.jpg Dry_Arm.jpg One_One_One.jpg
Kulnura work shed

Eel_head.jpg Eel_Walk.jpg
The S/steel Eel

The Eel I just canít wait to see, The Tom Thumb and the Eel in place in kibble Park for now on, when I go to town, to bank. I can take a walk though the park and see my works of art, in play the sounds of the chidden and mothers taking photos of there kids playing This is what I call working art, this is the way to the future in recycling, Play Where. Where at Daveís place One Off creative art works!.

stan_view_with_dollfin.jpg Bower_of_Tom_Thumb.jpg bottom_and_fixable_mounted.jpg
The little Boat The Tom Thumb

A little Boat The Tom Thumb Being open minded to most creation Jamie walked in to my working work shop the fist thing you notice about Jaime is he laugh and smile with his eyes and I new that he was delight in finding me. We talked about art and sculpture soon he came to the point could you build a small boat a meter long for the new Kibble park in Gosford and a Eel and twenty little fish. I said a meter long that just to small with the timber, I have, but one point Two could do, and a s/steel Eel, this is how it started it went from timber to steel, I had steel that I had brought ten years before, to build a boat with, so it was just a beneath of fresh air to build the Tom Thumb in steel for kids to play in. Flinders a master navigator I had the same in counter in the southern ocean. Betting of the coast of Albany. This Dolphin came up out of the water on her tail, in front of the bow, she then dived and came up at the stern, flipping her head back wardís as to say come with me! You could end up on a lee shore to night that had crossed my mind. With the sun, now dropping fast. And know detail chart of this part of the coast, I looked at the Dolphin eyes the trussed and love beamed back with out another thought I turned Flodash around, sucking up the information I set sail after the dolphin she would jump out and do circle in the air landing on her tail, with her head back waving her flipís, she took us in towards the coast and as we rounded this hill pick this bay open up. By now it was like a magic thought between the Dolphin and I, she took us up to the head of the bay just around a headland in four famous of water I set the anchor, and pulled up tight. The Dolphin now so happy swimming around Flo with one flipper out of the water. I dived in to check the anchor and the dolphin dived with me and touched as we both agreed that we where save and would survived the on coming storm At the time I didí ant know the name of the Bay Some weekís later I was tilling the story to bunch of yachters in Esperance And Tim piped up and told me the same story from Flinders journal and he name it Luck Bay.

Spintfire_L_Trent.jpg L_trent_Spitfire.jpg L_Trent_side_view_car.jpg
L Trent Spitfire Car

This was a great job it came out of the blue one day, I got a e-mail asking me if I could build a simulator for L Trent ,Mate I will have a go at what ever comes along. Kerry the owner of L Trent came and we talked it over, and gave me a set of plans a water tank and set of wheels this is what I made.

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