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Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave ThurstonDave Thurston

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Ned Kelly Letter Boxs

The Ned Kelly Letterbox’s Ned The hero or valent it doesn’t mater it’s all apart of Australia history with our unique colourful past of an Australian a He would never of known that he had made the best future slot for a letterbox. As we write till stories and make feather moves about him I see many deviant extras of painting like Sidney Noelene He has caught the eye of arties poets and writes. All have the same feel to express the inner working of Australia To day we find souvenirs memento to this man I myself have built sens Xmas before, Sixteen Ned Kelly Letterbox starting with a Lady Sander That sure my Work shop out the Back of a services station where lots of bike stop called One Stop.
She said my Boyfriend made about Ned Kelly and seeing what you do, and could you make me a Ned Kelly Letterbox Turning a 100 pound gas bottle up side down I thought this new idea though as it became anew market, I was” ant finished the first one, when the second one was ordered, As Ned said in his last words SUCH IS LIVE I included this line in all the Ned Kelly Letterbox’s as standed, as a honour to the Man that hanged.
The guns are not real but from a little distance or as you drive by, there catch you eye, unmistakable Ned Kelly in town the Guns are made in stainless steel along with the arms all welding together with 316 s/steel rods, so strongly attached that the low life, will learn respect.

Bbq_spit_open_door.jpg Bbq_spit_chamber.jpg Bbq_spit_.jpg
Bbq Spit for Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson commissioned this BBq Spit the son of the owner of Kulnura store. This enterprising young man that turned up one day and we got talking about BBq ‘s He had the idea to make a BBq spit out of a yogit fruit toping bin that was made out of s/steel, the next day he turns up with one, After much degustation I said we need two, this is how it stared, and 100 hours later we have the biggest most beauter fullest chamber of satisfaction that can cook a hole cow in Thank you Steve.

Bay long Kitchen

Yaramlong Kitchen

Bush Box counter

Dooreen BBQ

Hi DI and Ray,Thank you for calling By, Plus the good chat around the tables, this is what I see as the best b.b.q all round, What a King and Queen would B.b.q on. Will see you soon Dave

Llama fired B.b.q.

Hi John A Special discount for you and lady, on Australia day weekend , See you soon Dave

Sh-Von Pot-Belly

Sh-Von is my hairdresser on top of the mountain she had seen my work at her friends, places and ask me to make her a special potbelly, that stood up right that would fit on her veranda. After showing her photos in the building she asked if I could ad the handles, Sh-Von was one happy lady for she had brought it for her birthday,,,,,

house_in_the_making.jpg time_off_to_ply_golf.jpg The_house_we_built.jpg
The House We Built, John & I

A Recycle House that I got to build.... It wasn't like you advertise - To build Recycle house. But you know, lots of people just want a roof over their heads, or just a lovely little house away from the kids. When they have grown up, and come to visit, then party on into the night, you can pick your time to leave. You walk home to your new cabin, and listen from a distance to your kids being happy, as you dream and drift into sleep.
John must be a happy man, for I built his dream escape.
I was thinking away in my shed about work, and where the next dollar was coming from. It was an overcast, dream-like day, and this man appeared. Tripping over some junk wood he swung around saying "Are you still building pontoons Dave?" "Yes" I said, trying to think of his name, for five years had past since I had been to Marlow, "Kevin?" I asked. "Yes" he said "My mate American Steve is doing the rock work and we thought you could build the Pontoon. Will you give me a price?"
Well, to cut along story short, he gave me American Steves number for I needed to talk to him to get the design right. Three days passed and I rang the number Kevin had given me. "Is Steve there?" I asked. "Not yet, he's the builder but he hasn't turned up yet. Do you want him to call you when he comes?" the voice said. "Yes, but that doesn’t sound like the Steve I know." (In fact, it wasn't American Steve) "But, I'm a builder, where do you live?" His name was John and he lived in Spencer - and I am just around the corner. "Well if this Steve doesn't turn up, give me a ring and I'll drop around and see what you want to build, okay?" We agreed and John took my number.
He rang back a few days later. Steve never turned up. It’s the river, a long way to come. John and I got together and talked. He came to my place and we picked out materials and started work. One thing I couldn’t believe, I live in a swamp land and he has high, cleared ground, but the mosquitos there nearly drove me mad while we were building. I told him that I don't have any mosquitos. He came to my place to work for a day and he was amazed, he wasn't bitten once. Why? Because I live with nature, and I let the spiders do their work.
We had the best time building, we discussed each part and every process. I cut most of the timber, we drew the plans together, and WE made it. We had the best time. For Dave Thurston, it was the first 100% recycle project he had done for some one else.
A great job that started with the wrong number.

Potbelly Pig

The first "Potbelly Pig" I made had two opening ends and a flu in the middle. My client had asked me to make him a heater out of a compressor. I got thinking about the concept, and came up with a 100 pound gas bottle, adding a BBQ plate and flu on the end, and adding a E size oxygen bottle, cut in half, to pull the ash out. I personally have cooked on a "Pig" for ten years, and have converted it to gas for summer....

The potbelly Pig in the picture is built in 100% recycled S/steel

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