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Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave ThurstonDave Thurston

stairway to heaven


Bob was trying me out on BBQ he gave me a photo from a holiday in Thailand it didnít look much like this but the principle thought and working came though.


Gunsse came out of my mind and a recycle bin after gathering the pieces, one sand blasting tank, one compressor and keg, much S/steel pipe. Bob, who commissioned the piece asked me what it would look like. I noticed this shape in the pile of junk and drew it on the floor of my shed with chalk. I explained that it was a smoker come BBQ

The Yachtman Four Bollard Bed

The headrest are laminated in strips of timber (Ceder and New Zealand Red Pine) over a plug to give the shape, The panel is red ceder joined to the Bollard post with S/steel rigging wirer with epoxy glue that will never brake, The Bed comes in four peace that bolts together with eight bass nuts, Inlays are optional, If you can drawer it I can make it.

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Dave Thurston

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