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male_side_of_unity.jpg she_side_of_unity.jpg
Giant S/Steel Man & woman Unity

MY sculpture UNITY symbolizes Man and Woman, united. From one side a man, from the other a woman. Neither dominating, neither facing ďthe right wayĒ, neither more important than the other. Without each, neither would exist. Woman and Man. Not face to face in what could be seen as confrontation, but back-to-back, supporting each other; guarding and looking, like Janus, to the past and to the future for answers to what we are - in essence, in spirit, in part and in whole.
In my many years of sailing around the world in a boat that I built myself, through storm or when becalmed, in port or in high seas, I have seen this duality - this one-ness. And not just in gender, but in race and creed. The first and most important rule is that we are equal. We share a common past and a common future. Without each other, we are flotsum. A bare deck awash with salt. Without each other, we sink. Are lost.
But UNITY is more than just a steel sculpture proclaiming this one-ness. UNITY is built from recycled materials. Cast off pieces of failed equipment renewed and grown tall, resilient and robust. UNITY looks like the future, but is built from the past. It is a sculpture of hope. UNITY reflects the sky and the earth - every part of the environment - becoming the world around it like a mirror image might become part of our own selves. UNITY does not corrode, nor Breakdown, for it is enduring, as we would want our own world to be.

Spider in mind

How did it come about? I was standing next to my workbench and this spider like shape landed at my feet, and died. Thinking of entering a sculpture show, this death at my feet took on another shape. Looking for parts, I started with the body - a street light. The head was part of a rotisserie, and the legs where back to back deck seats. The feet are part of a milk separator, adding the springs that hold your radio antenna. With a little workmanship and a diligent set off hands, she came alive. Watch out, if you see her about....

By Dave Thurston

S/Steel Giant Lady

Median in Love

She walked in to my life, like a rushing wave in a storm. A quick double take in my mind,
it was love at first sight. "Legs that waved at you, turned up tits". I felt weak, scrawny and shameful. "For what?" I think! For she now had a mate. This is how it happened, not a mistake. She showed me I could build her on my back. That day I had been in the scrap yard and saw two s/steel flues that became her tits. Adding the rest, we became BEST mates!

Median and Captain bounded in love

Unity 05 By Dave Thurston

The Old Cow

Where ever I go, I am always looking for interesting materials to sculpture with - the cheaper the better. On this day, I was out the back of a truck shed. I spotted an old trench digger chain and pulled it out. "What are you doing?" a voice asked. "Finding stuff for a sculpture" I said. Then holding up the dirty, rusty, broken chain I asked "Do you need this?" The man said "You can have it". (Thanks mate) The Old Cow was born......

The Stegosaurus By Dave Thurston

Breast Bow Tie and Head

Bow tie and bare tits suggest a sardonic centre fold page in a Playboy. I did notice that most men, and women, fondled her tits in the making...

Unity in the making, By Dave Thurston

I_am_your_friend.jpg A_Hippo_new_Day.jpg Hippo_Bum_job.jpg the_hippo_looking_out.jpg
The Baby HIPPO

The Baby Hippo started off as a order for young lady Casey She wished to have present for her Dad he loved Anguish cows. By the time I finished the head. I said to a mate what do you think? and hr brock out laughing and said thatís a Hippo Mate, and as people walked though my work shop I ask them what do you think he look like? There all said that's a Hippo mate/ I ring Casey and said It turn out to be a Hippo but I would give it another try but he's a Hippo. She gave up on me as I was only new to this adventure but I was pleased with my work. Heís the best peace to Date.

wombat_letter_box.jpg wombat_side_vew.jpg wombat_bum.jpg
The Wombat a master peace

The Wombat was a commission that how it stared out but time and few miss haps it became my prided and joy how many people could build a Wombat out of a gas can and at the end the man said he didí ant wont a Art peaces my answer is way ask a artist to make a Wombat if you wonted some thing earls why not get a bowler maker that would charge you twice as much Thank you so much and I gave him his money back take a close look Itís a master peace

Inside_of_hand.jpg Hand_sculp.jpg
hand made sculpture & inner hand

The hand is the tool that set us apart from the rest of the world the things we do are too many to mention but to build a hand is like recreating man in himself so when people ask for a hand I MAKE ITíS A DREAM

Art_Gallery_Sydeny.jpg Two_Emus.jpg Miss_Emu.jpg Baby_and_Nest.jpg HI_Guys__have_Chat.jpg

Some time in life you find your potential that move you up a notch, it could be called personal evolution of the mind and hand correlation, what ever is the insight to how you bring about the art that first forms in your mind to the thought to the finished peace hangs like drip of water so finely balanced to appoint of know return, Itís shear wonder to the innersole to have this gift.
How would of thought that a twenty pound Gas bottle would make a entry to the Biggest Art show In Sydney The Wynne Prize A sculpture made out of Gas Bottles with a few pipes and rusty steel, three hard weeks Labor thinking this is me I am going to exhibit my best, for I am truly the Arties that I know I can be.

Emus_out_for_a_walk.jpg Emu_Head_with_head_cooling_gear.jpg About_to_ingadge_in_a_fight.jpg
The Emu Tail

I was sick with a wound on my leg hobbling around, when Paul looking though the fence asked if I could maker a Emus for the Education department that how I got started building Emís.......

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Dave Thurston

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