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Unity Lady

Unity In Kulnura Beside the long way to becoming a Artist She stand tall and stands out, drop around the back and see him, she's on his back. Then take minute to think how much work went in to this peace, for you to see,Some will like it, some wont even see it ,But for one man it took all my spear time for five years and a lot of trips to the scrap yard . Take a closer look next time you drop by at One Stop to view One Off's........

The Baseball Glove Chair

This was long time propjet delved to me by tow beau full sister that live in Vaucluse There had pulled it out of the sea and because there farther would’ ant let them have me build them bookshelf in there bed room and I had spent sometime with them there came to Spencer and drop off this log witch was water logged and now nine years latter I have made the baseball glove chair….

Road Runer Garden Pot

The Road Runner was commission by Doorreen made from wheel rehems, hubs and couple of shovel.

Lady, Man and Family

This is a piece that I started some years ago. A friend Bob, thought we had the maddest work load you could ever imagine. For my birthday he brought me this Huon Pine burl, and a set of carving tools. So you could say this was my first attempt at carving timber. The burl on the other side is a hand, each finger is a figure that nests into the palm of his hand. In a move I lost his big toe.

Sculptured Letter Box

A Letter Box tells the outside world who you are. If it has taste and style you can almost say the inside will have the same inspiration and flair. Making a stylish letter box to suite the occupants is hard work, and sometimes you have to look around to find the right key piece to begin the sculpture...

Walking with Sprung

"Sprung" came about because I had to repair my trailer - the springs had rusted out. Using them for legs, a rusty chain became the back bone. With a head out of a hole digger, eyes cut from ochre, hand cutters for balls and a bolt for a dick, we end up with the wildest looking dog out of Walking with Dinosaurs.

Miss_Magy_and_Head.jpg World_in_Hand.jpg
Miss Maggy and head

After sailing the world, living in the Australian Bush is full of life - if you let them in...

(May your cup stay full)

A hand comes alive holding a ball that represents the world that we all should think more about. We only have one world, one sun, one moon, and oneself.

Gas Burner Chainsaw Crocodiles

The Crock started with an old spring which I over laid with chain. Then, finding two old gas burners for a mouth, we had the Chainsaw Crocodile Pot...

By Dave Thurston

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Dave Thurston

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