Dave ThurstonDave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave ThurstonDave Thurston

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Hand Winch converted to power

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Water Front Rock and pathways at Tabernacle Walkway Pontoon

Adding to making the pontoon Tabernacle walkway and half the house, I had to repair the badly built pathway. The water front shore line, which had been land filled with sand and rough rock, and a flat rock pathway laid over the sand had caved in. I built a sea wall in cement to hold back the loose fill, and with steel and concrete, I made a slab on top. I then set the pathway with the flat rock on top and cemented them in with aggregate. At the same time I replaced pathway lights and ran new wiring and transformer that was so under rated, adding Fish Rock that is next to the walkway to steps down to the water with S/steel rail, and flower beds in pockets. I personally built this place, the owner was more then happy with the job. I enjoyed the artist side, creating, bringing the whole picture togetherů

Seaplanes on slipway

From this angle you can see the plane riding up the slipway. The next photo shows the workings...
Design and built by Dave Thurston

Nosecone Slipway

The nosecone was custom built to hold the sea plane in place. Along with a custom built trolley that then winched the plane onto the platform, the rails were lifted and blocked to carry the weight of the sea plane. I made it work...

Slipway & Trolly

This slipway I completely rebuilt along with the trolley, built in steel and galvanize. The deck was made in plywood and fiberglassed. Outdoor carpet was then glued to the deck and custom made rollers with winching bracket were bolted to the trolley farm. The slipway is inlayed with timber as a walkway for access to the water.

Dave Thurston

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