Dave ThurstonDave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave ThurstonDave Thurston

Luna Landing 8 Seater

Inlayed Southern Cross in stained rum vat timber and steel, with chicken feet.

Spider 12 Seater

Recyled rum vat oak and iron. Ideal for commercial premises. Tin top optional...

Hanibal 12 seater

Built to order in Rum Vat steel with Ships In rest BushBox Timber Tin Top with S/steel post with bimini flo though tin top and S/steel Gutters hold down S/steel chan that allows the water to slide down

Darth Vader 12 seater

This table was built as a center part of a hay bail house that was round built in rum vat steel with jarrer top and seats the timber came from Mt Tom Price W.Aust

The Time Has Come

There comes a time from thought, that whatever you make, has to join, making another picture from an artists mind into this world. Today itís a table - Thurstonís Tall Talking Tables, (Ten Seater) done in! The Ships in Rest >Timber (Brush box) She got Beam and Garth, She one hell of an Out Door Table, (Tin Top) She got the lot! Drop us a line and I will E-mail the making back.

Tables In The Making By Dave Thurston 2007

Together For The First Time

"Launching a finished yacht fills your inner mind with total saturation - this time in making and coming together". A table made out of hoop steel, that held giant rum-vats together in the early nineteenth century, is now growing into another Being. Not disregarded like most things on Mother Earth. We only tend to the easy things, leaving little for the future. (just take a look around you) Pride today is sallowed in a carpet wrapped in plastic - you throw fifty percent away, so that you can receive it untouched...

Thurston Tin Topped Tall Talking Table. Provoke a Tactile Feel

Ready to launch Blazen Saddles By Dave Thurston.

Ps only Twenty Left to Build in my life time/= Limbered addiction

The Art In Tables

When you place the Table in the space you have built it for, the whole pitch becomes as one. Then you know the true feeling of oneself...

Ten Tails

Rene walked in to my yard smoking the biggest cigar I'd ever seen. Smoke was bellowing out, in a cloud mixed with fiberglass grinding dust. I stopped work, he offered his large hand as he said "Pleased to meet you Dave, I have been told that your work in table making is magic - let me see". Adding question what table setting have, ant you done I said
Ten, he said that the one. I said with a tin top for in my mind I pitched a Hills Horst,
Coved in tin. Tin top outdoors setting were born.

Coming To Rest Blazen Saddles

The "Master Craftsman" brings another esquisite setting in outdoor table art. The owner who commissioned the table called "Blazen Saddles" said that the table was ten times better than he had expected. The owner chose the pots that look like gun cartridges after he saw the finished design.

8 Seater Talking table

My mate Dave from next door said Dave why donít you make a cheep tables you know, I said yes I do have some bent up steel I did some years ago hanging in the tree. Pulling the steel down we started work and three week later I finished two tables witch now are in my show room in Kulnura come and see not that cheep

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Dave Thurston

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