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The Star Of David table

Moon Dog & Blazen Saddles Like a Strobe moving Light

(From the owner of Blazen Saddles) Hi David,
Hope all is well. Here is a recent photo of the table at night you might like. I will send more when I get better shots and the plants grow. A number of people have seen the table and are amazed. Even taken some photos.



Now (Thats a Talking Table ) She's Me Valentine, Thank you Garry..14th. 2. 08.

Susie Table

I built this table for Susie for her forty-second birthday with a lays Susie on top, it was one of my first tables I made in the rum vat steel and ship rest Brush Box.

Cloes Up Of My Workmanship

This work stand out for itís self; I love to make a setting that is unique and flowing in one whole shape. Each peace of timber or steel was selected cut and shaped as if a Artis in poetry so when you look it bring out the whole work of art it takes time to make for to bring out yourself in your work you must love it.

Mistser Springer

Mr Springer He showed me how to get a level with just one man, with a water level, we found this out on a work site. I said No, For how do you get a level, right with out two man, and he showed me, with a hoes line and a two litre plastic bottle, water that is died with food colourer. After sharing this he drop by and brought this Table and offend me more money then I asked.. Thank You Dave

Center peace 14 Seater

I had a shop in Spencer for a short time and this was one of the tables I sold and made in that time, Something about a person when he see for real the touch and feel that you must have this table nothing earls stands up to a table with Sole. I have seen people walk around them and touch and look as if it has just came down from the sky..

Stealth Bomber 14 seater

This is the all in one outdoor table. Picture it next to your pool, covered in food for Christmas dinner, or a party at any time. Built in rum vat steel, barge timber top and saddle seats. The s/steel centre post with the Stealth Bomber design, topped with s/steel gutters and s/steel chain hold down posts...

Hard Wood Table

A Lady from Marlow ask me one day to make her a table she didnít have much money, her old table had rotted away leaving a metal frame I made this table and seats in hard wood It tuned out to be the quickest best received Table I ever made.

Coffee Table S/steel pipelegs

One of the good thing about building in recycling martials you can use items that are half made like cutting a section out of a S/steel pipe to make legs The Jarrah came from Mt Tom Price West Australia that was a jetty that ran out to sea for two knís that Iron tuck loaded ore

Dolphin Coffeetable

Dolphin Coffee table was one off the first coffee table I made in the barge timber this peace was part of the deck were much traffic stained the image of the Dolphin in to the timber to my delight ti came out when I oiled her I had many in counters with dolphin on my sail around the world

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