Dave ThurstonDave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave ThurstonDave Thurston

Bar Stoals

Bar Stools with curved backrest and carved bum seats in American Oak and footrest


The Captain Coffee table with in layer Compass Roses in English oak and Australian ceder, The base timber is hops cooked over a hundred years, in New Zealand karri, this timber is over four thousand years old, Finished off with the chart boarder and oiled


The Compass Roses inlayed is a stamp from a man that sailed around the world, Built in barge timber that lay under water for seventy years, seeping the tar from the bottom staining the timber over the years magic and natural. Giving the colour to the coffee table when oiled.

Clock Coffeetable

You can customise your coffee table with the base made from barge timber edge in brush box or jarrah, this one was inlayed as a clock with ceder and karri, Legs can be timber or steel.

Picnic Table Six Seater

This Table is the most down to earth, made out off timber from Sydney harbour Barges and Rum Vat Steel at Paramount.

Crovastus eight seater

Crovastus means to fly with the wind I name her after I salvage yacht in the Red Sea, She a clear cut winner, that will take a tin top or umbrella.

Under & Over

Keeping the rough side of recycled timber you end up with clear side under neath, then if you build the legs and frame strong enough to support it self, you then can use both sides. This Table sold the best at action I got twice the price

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Dave Thurston

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