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Dave Thurston Dave Thurston
Dave ThurstonDave Thurston

Pontoon side view

This Pontoon is 4.5 meters long by 2.5 meters beam, built in fiberglass out of a mold that gives me the ability to build pontoons up to 14 meters long. With three fibreglass inspection hatches, four s/steel bollards hand made, the deck is finished in non-skid flow coat, a rubbing stroke in timber glass in, surround in a pontoon fender 75mm by 100mm high that is bolted though the rubbing stroke and hull with a s/steel insert, giving you years of trouble free use, making this the strongest pontoon on the market...

Pontoon Marlow

This pontoon was my new design, after building pontoons in plywood wrapped in fiberglass. I found that they sweated inside and it wasn't long before a fungus like mildew grows on the walls and under deck. Designing this pontoon, I made the hatches with air intakes. Where the two hulls join together is a half round made in solid fiberglass with three 100mm holds. As the wind flows through, causing a pressure drop, (as a venturi) the fresh air flowing through the two hulls eliminates the fungus problem.

Walkway Pontoon View

Each Walkway is individually designed with particular thought to suit the shore line. This one is placed between two rocky outcrops, with a fast moving tide. Made in steel pipe, with a curve to give looks and strength. Galvanised and painted black (optional). The walkway is laid in timber, and all end fittings are made in s/steel. Length made to order - Hand made...

Walkway Design

This was the first commissioned walkway pontoon, and I was out to make a statement in design and workmanship. I had a natural out-crop of rock to work with. Other pontoons in the area had driven in pilings to hold the pontoon in line, at a great expense! I had in mind to build a walkway like a yacht mast with a Tabernacle to facilitate passage under a bridge holding the rig straight and tight. I was walking through a scrap yard and tripped over a steel hole in the dirt. Pulling it out, it turned out to be a stabiliser for a D-nine Caterpillar. I had the Heart of my design. A 100mm pipe fitted in snugly. Adding rod rigging, the design was complete and has been working since the year 2000.

A View from the water

Waiting the words from the owener

side_view_4._pontoon.jpg 4m._Pontoon.jpg
The latest 4 meter Pontoon

This Is John new 4 meter pontoon and walkway that is 6.5 meter long Anchor on the banks off Mangrove Creek

deck_to_be.jpg The_other_End.jpg
The Deck To Be

The deck about to be marred with the hull so strongly built, with bulk heads glass in, hardwood strings about to receive the glass under deck thatís perfectly cut out, grey sealed flow coat that keeps the fungus out, My workmanship and design are much thought about, Just come and check one out.

Swiming Lader Hand Made In S/steel

house_boat_pontoon.jpg hand_made_bollar.jpg
Houseboat Pontoon Hull & Hand made Bollar

Houseboats and affordable small sailing yachts are the way of the future, as land and house prices become out of reach for the working mans pocket. This hull was built for a client as a clip on work shad juice boat, that the owner finished himself. My future thought is to design a trailer-able solar powered houseboat with built in composting toilet. This will do away with the chemicals that smell and ties you to a pump out. With the world two-thirds water, rising as we think, what makes more sense than living on the water - flexible and free to think...

Dave Thurston

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